Metal Fabrication


Blake Trailers & Metal Fabrication has the expertise to take your metal fabrication project from the design stage through to completion. The following are a sample of the diverse items we have constructed:

  • Mining Trommels
  • Prototype Tools & Target Stands
  • Aluminum Molds for plastic roto molded components from Mikasa tool covers to 700 gal. water tanks
  • 25-50 ton Feed Block Press
  • 14' Fish Screen (to keep endangered bull trout out of canal irrigation systems)
  • Cargo Racks
  • Custom Truck Beds
  • Deck Railings
  • Oil Collection Tanks
  • Welding Booths
  • Wood Fired Furnace to dry chips for pet bedding
  • Food Safe Stainless items for cider presses & Wineries
  • Pedestrian Bridge (Star River Walk)
  • (3) Sculptures (Kleiner Park)
  • 28' Weather Vane (Hobble Creek Park)
  • Zinc Table Tops & Planters (A'Tavola)
  • Add your item(s) to this list!
  • Whether your project calls for steel, stainless or aluminum, our shop stands ready to meet all of your general and specialty fabrication needs. We offer quality work and quick turnaround.

    Please contact our fabrication department to submit your project for bid.